Do I Need Special Event Insurance?
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If you are hosting your wedding ceremony, celebrating a quinceañera or bar mitzvah, introducing your newest wine or craft beer, or just celebrating with your corporate peers, you most likely need to be considering event insurance. We know event insurance is most likely the last thing on your mind when planning a celebration, but as we all know, in life anything can happen when there is a celebration or festival!

Here in California, we love a good party! So to make sure it ends on the same safe and celebratory level as it started, we will help you make sure you have specialized Special Event insurance.

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What is a special event insurance Policy?

How do I get a certificate of insurance for an event?

What Does a Special Event Insurance Policy Cover?

Special Event Insurance is a specific policy designed to help protect your investment of a particular event. Even with the most careful planning, accidents can still happen on these important days, and special event insurance in California can help ensure the day is happily remembered.

Anything from major weather, illness, or accidents during the event can leave a serious damper on your celebration or event. Just as your auto, homeowners, or RV insurance protects you in those instances, Special Events insurance has got your back—leaving you to enjoy with peace of mind.

If you are planning a special event at a  California venue, whether it be a charity event, a wedding, or a corporate party, it is likely the venue will requires a certificate of insurance. This certificate comes in the form of a piece of paper that you can obtain from your insurer to prove to the venue that you are properly covered in the event of an accident, and more importantly, that the venue is not liable for accidents and/or injuries.

It is also common for California special event venues to require that you add them to the insurance policy as additional insureds. 

Most special event insurance packages will include liability coverage for: host liquor, liability, medical expense, spectator accident, and blanket additional insureds. Additional coverage can be added due to your personal, specific needs. With this security blanket, you won’t lose any deposits if something happens, and you won’t incur additional liability expenses.

Keep in mind that if you’re renting a location, the owner may require that you have Special Event insurance in place.

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