High Net Client Insurance in california

Protecting Your Precious Items
Reduces your Risk in California.

Who do we mean when we say, “high net worth clients”? You may be wondering if you’re one and if there’s something more you need to be thinking about with your insurance.

At DDH Insurance, we help high risk clients across California protect their most precious items. Why do we have a separate category for you? Because we know you’re not shopping for insurance based on price, but on specific coverage that will make sure your valuables—the things you worked hard to get and, perhaps, collect—are protected in case of any damage, fire, theft, etc. We want to make sure you have total peace of mind when it comes to what insurance you’re purchasing; the coverage that is above and beyond standardized.

high net insurance expensive jewelry

Do you have any of the following?

  •         High-value custom home
  •         High-value vehicles
  •         Jewelry, collectibles or furs
  •         Antiques, artworks
  •         The need for liability in excess of $500,000

When you come in to see us, we’ll go over your inventory with you, and customize your insurance portfolio to meet your exact needs—in one policy. No more thinking about having a multitude of policies and, in the event of a claim, wondering exactly which covers what. We give you that peace of mind that is so very important during a time of anxiety should something happen.

Frequently Asked Questions
about High Net Client Insurance in California

How Can I Best Protect My High-Value Home in California?

Is My High-Value Jewelry and Artwork Covered My Policy?

Do I Need Liability in Excess of $500,000 in California?

Here in California, we know that many homes and vehicles are quite luxurious, both inside and out. While being a reflection of the individuals residing inside, these homes are an investment that may be deemed a higher risk. With vehicles, they can even be part of collections. This is why a standard homeowners policy may under-serve your investment, whether due to location or previous claims for you or your neighbors. Often your investment’s value will exceed standardized policies.

At DDH Insurance, our team lives and works here in California, and we are experienced in making sure you get the right coverage for your needs. We work for you and on behalf of you, giving you personalized attention while going over every detail of your personal inventory, discussing the many possible scenarios to give you peace of mind over those things you’ve worked so hard to gain.

Picasso, Monet, and the local upcoming artist all are subject to theft, the accidental champagne cork-gone-wild, or run-in that sends the painting or collectible flying. This being California, there’s also always the chance of an earthquake.

These collectibles and artwork are beautiful to look at, but need to be properly covered in case of damage or theft. Either may need to be restored, and unless proper, specialized coverage is in place beforehand, you may end up losing out and finding yourself wishing you hadn’t relied on a simple, standardized insurance policy. Not properly protecting your high-value items puts you at risk of hefty out-of-pocket restoration expenses, or worst case scenario, total loss.

Sometimes jewelry is included in a homeowners’ policy, but this is not something to be “assumed.” We will help you make sure it’s all in one place.

While this limit should suffice in “normal” circumstances, if you are in the category of high-net worth, or have antiques, artwork, and classic car collections, the chances that your neighbors are also high-net-individuals with high-value homes and cars is probably likely. What this means is that if someone or something gets damaged by you or on your property, you may be held financially liable. 

In this case, standard $500,000 liability limits may not suffice. Higher limits may be something you should think about obtaining. After all, if the shoe is on the other foot, wouldn’t you be happy the person responsible had a higher limit?

Our staff at DDH Insurance is committed to making sure our California high-net-worth individuals are protected in the event of an unfortunate accident. 

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